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Re: native-comp and resetting of search paths

From: Andrea Corallo
Subject: Re: native-comp and resetting of search paths
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 08:24:17 +0000
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Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

>>> Hmm odd. It's a custom variable:
>>>   (defcustom elpy-rpc-pythonpath (file-name-directory (locate-library 
>>> "elpy"))
>>>     "A directory to add to the PYTHONPATH for the RPC process.
>> Use (locate-library "elpy.el" t); that will find the .el file, not one
>> of the compiled files.
> This will workaround the incompatibility introduced by the native-comp
> branch, but we should probably try and see if we can change the way the
> branch works such that such incompatibility is avoided.

Agree.  So far the only way I see to remove this directory dualism is
what you have proposed here:


Given I think we should solve this source of problems once for all the
more time is passing the more I'm getting convinced that this is the way
to go.

Still I've to make up my mind on certain details but probably I should
start implementing to get a cleaner view.

This choice is key for making the native compiler project succeed or not
(and interestly enough has nothing to do with the compiler it-self), so
please if you have ideas on the topic don't esitate to share them :)


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