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Re: Update 1 on Bytecode Offset tracking

From: Andrea Corallo
Subject: Re: Update 1 on Bytecode Offset tracking
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 07:25:45 +0000
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Hi Zach and Rocky,

IMO having the exact offset for all functions in the stack except the
last is already a measurable improvement.  Reevaluating the top function
and rerunning is not a huge deal, reevaluating N functions and rerunning
each time trying to figure out what is going wrong and where on the
contrary can be considerably more painful.

Zach Shaftel <zshaftel@gmail.com> writes:

> With respect to reporting offsets, using code from edebug we have a
> Lisp-Expression reader that will track source-code locations and
> store the information in a source-map-expression cl-struct. The code
> in progress is here.
> Information currently saved is:
>     The expression itself
>     The exact string that was read
>     Begin and end point​s of the sexp in the buffer
>     source-map-expression children (for conses and vectors)
> which can be generated for a whole lisp file with the function
> source-map-file. We are testing this on lots of files such as the
> lisp files in the GNU Emacs distribution. After this is done we will
> try hooking this into the compilation process.

Regarding the reader I fear modifying the C one will be the only way if
we want to have something sufficiently high performance to be used as
default.  That said having one to begin with experimenting is a very
good start.  I guess we'll want to have the 'children' as key of an hash
where the rest is the value.

Thanks you and Rocky for the effort!



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