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Re: master 1e3b0f2: Improve doc strings of project.el

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: master 1e3b0f2: Improve doc strings of project.el
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 21:07:19 -0400

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Emacs is not an "umbrella project" in the sense that you mean.  (That
is not the way the GNU Project works.)  It is a single project that is
meant to be coherent as a whole, and the Emacs maintainers are in
charge of the whole thing.

There are parts of Emacs that are developed and maintained by specific
people or groups.  Some of them take the form of "packages" while
others are simply areas of expertise.  The Emacs maintainers mostly
leave those areas to the people who work on them, to divide up the

But that does not mean that the people or groups that work on parts
are independent in principle.

See https://gnu.org/gnu/gnu-structure.html for the structure
and administration of the GNU Project.

Dr Richard Stallman
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