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RE: Regarding outline headings in emacs-lisp libraries

From: Jonas Bernoulli
Subject: RE: Regarding outline headings in emacs-lisp libraries
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 11:03:35 +0200

Drew Adams <drew.adams@oracle.com> writes:

>> > FWIW -
> I just mentioned it as a FWIW.  Nothing is
> "*necessary*".

Yes, that's whey I didn't remove the FWIW from the quoted text. ;)

> Now that `orglink.el' exists, maybe I'll switch to
> using that, who knows?  But it does require loading
> Org - and dash.el, which is pretty heavyweight for
> just what it offers, no?

Org is indeed a heavy dependency.

Unless in cases where it has some big benefit I am slowly moving away
from dash in my packages.  This seems to be one of the cases where I
should do that.  Dash is only used once!

> BTW, I just downloaded it, loaded a version of dash.el
> (required, unfortunately), loaded orglink.el, and got
> this (Emacs 26.3) when I tried `M-x orglink-mode' in
> buffer orglink.el:

You need Org >= 9.3 as specified in the Package-Requires.

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