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Re: Opaque objects and Emacs documentation

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Opaque objects and Emacs documentation
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 23:49:35 +0300
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On 24.07.2020 04:22, Andy Moreton wrote:

I read project.el from top of tree before posting: it was not clear what
the minimal set of methods that are required, nor what are the
constraints on how the implementations should behave.

Quoting from there:

  ;; `project-root' must be defined for every project.
  ;; `project-files' can be overridden for performance purposes.
  ;; `project-ignores' and `project-external-roots' describe the project
  ;; files and its relations to external directories.  `project-files'
  ;; should be consistent with `project-ignores'.


  ;; - Define new methods for some or all generic functions for this
  ;; backend using `cl-defmethod'.  A `project-root' method is
  ;; mandatory, `project-files' is recommended, the rest are optional.

As an ordinary user, project.el requires significant investment of time
and effort to discover if it might be useful or not. Most users do not
read the elisp sources, and are not necessarily familiar with CL generics.

You might want to try pressing 'C-x p C-h'.

A useful entry point, but only once you know it exists! Making things
discoverable is important for getting new users up to speed.

From the Commentary again:

  ;; Type `C-x p C-h' to see all available commands and bindings.

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