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Re: pure-fns in byte-opt.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: pure-fns in byte-opt.el
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 16:59:39 -0400
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>> The above "definition" seems to allow that: based on looking at the code
>> you should be able to assess whether it's safe to allow the compiler (or
>> anything else for that matter) to precompute the call.
> I wouldn't know how that should be possible without knowing how the
> compiler operates (or what it "knows" or can know).

Why would you need to know that?
As mentioned between parentheses it's not specific to a compiler.
Is it that you find "precompute" unclear?

> It relies on some (rather vague) terms about the compiler, such as
> "precompute" and "know". What if we change the compiler significantly
> so that it "knows" much more?

Doesn't make a difference: it will just make it possible for the compiler
to precompute more often, whereas what this flag says is "when the
compiler is *able* to precompute the call, should it be *allowed* to do


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