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Re: Add new functions to mark/unmark/delete all bookmarks

From: Matthew White
Subject: Re: Add new functions to mark/unmark/delete all bookmarks
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 04:58:09 +0200

On Wed, 29 Jul 2020 17:16:09 -0500
Karl Fogel wrote:

> Hi, Matthew.  I had a chance to try out your latest patch for
> 'master'.  Note I only tried that one, since this change will go onto
> 'master' and not onto 'emacs-27'.
> When I tested manually, everything works fine: marking all, unmarking
> all, deleting, everything's good.  However, bookmark shows one test
> failure now in 'make check':
>   FAILED   2/47  bookmark-test-bmenu-any-marks-list (0.000279 sec)
> I haven't had time to investigate further yet, but I wanted to know
> if you're also seeing the same failure?  I applied your patch using
> 'git am'.
> ...
> Attached is the full 'test/lisp/bookmark-tests.log' file after
> running 'make check'.
> Best regards,
> -Karl

Hi, Karl. You got me...! Thanks for taking the time to test the patch
again. I admit, I was lazy and didn't test the amended patch with the
new function `bookmark-test-bmenu-any-marks-list' I added... and this
is the result...

> Test bookmark-test-bmenu-any-marks-list condition:
>     (ert-test-failed
>      ((should
>        (looking-at "^> "))
>       :form
>       (looking-at "^> ")
>       :value nil))
>    FAILED   2/47  bookmark-test-bmenu-any-marks-list (0.000279 sec)

Yes, I have the same failure as yours...

There was one extra 'looking-at "^> "' (changed to 'looking-at "^  "').

I attach revised patches (master and emacs-27, with the latter just in
case someone wants to test it on emacs-27).

PS: I finally got the PDF copyright assignment... I signed and emailed
it back... now I'm waiting for the FSF signature.


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