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Re: Remote asynchronous processes

From: Philipp Stephani
Subject: Re: Remote asynchronous processes
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 19:00:05 +0200

Am Di., 14. Apr. 2020 um 14:35 Uhr schrieb Philippe Vaucher
>> But that's not the point of my proposal. If we change make-process such a
>> way that it calls the command directly, we will gain a performace
>> boost. Philipp Stephani has shown some figures in the discussion
>> mentioned above. Maybe he can explain more detailed which kind of
>> performance requirements he has in mind, and the use case(s).
>> However, we will loose features of remote asynchronous processes. At
>> least (and not comprehensive), processes started via make-process
>> - are not checked for passwords or other interactive dialogues
>> - do not not support multi-hops anymore
>> - cannot be killed via interrupt-process (??? I'm not sure)
>> - do not tell the remote tty
>> - ...
>> Processes started via start-file-process won't change their behavior.
> So basically what you need to know is how `make-process` is used in the wild. 
> If that helps, magit only uses `start-file-process` and never `make-process`.

There are lots of different use cases, and no single correct answer.
For example, when running M-x shell, I probably want SSH prompts and
am willing to accept a brief blocking wait, but not when starting a
Flymake backend process.
I don't think there's a real difference between start-file-process and
make-process, though; make-process is newer and more powerful, but
it's not a conceptually different thing.

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