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Re: Add new functions to mark/unmark/delete all bookmarks

From: Matthew White
Subject: Re: Add new functions to mark/unmark/delete all bookmarks
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2020 10:33:17 +0200

On Thu, 06 Aug 2020 20:10:43 -0500
Karl Fogel wrote:

> >Karl, I waited to answer you in the hope of getting the paperwork...
> >Still nothing here...  I don't know if the FSF already registered my
> >copyright assignment request, they have my signature, though.  
> I'll ask about it in a separate thread, no problem.  Maybe it's all
> done and we just didn't get the news yet.

Thank you! I got the CC of the email you sent.

> >About the patch, your help is priceless, Karl. I have no trouble to
> >attach an amended patch, what pressures me is to give you the right
> >credits!  In these days I was thinking how you make me look smarter
> >than I really am...
> >
> >Do as you feel, Karl.  The attached patch is my attempt to give you
> >credit, but you are free to do a follow-up commit, if you prefer.  
> Aw, Matthew, thanks, but you did all the hard work here!  If you're
> okay with it, when I apply the commit I'll just change your commit
> message to include a simple phrase like "Thanks to Karl Fogel for
> pre-commit review" or something like that.
> Best regards,
> -Karl

I'm comfortable with your judgment, feel free to amend the commit.

At this point, we wait and see about the paperwork...

Best regards,

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