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Re: Making GNUS continue to work with Gmail

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Making GNUS continue to work with Gmail
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2020 23:54:06 -0400

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  > The crux here is that there needs to be an app - their intent is
  > that the software producer (in this case an "Emacs" or "Gnus")
  > registers an "official" app, and the app manages its secrets in a
  > way compliant with their terms (which we already know is pretty
  > hard for [libre] projects).

That is what Google _says_ -- but is it really true?  There is no
chance we can carry out what Google's terms demand -- we have already
determined that.  So forget abuot _those_ terms.

However, the experience of Kmail suggests that they don't try at all
to comply with those termsm, and Google nonetheless tolerates the
use of Kmail.  That is the avenue that might remain for us.

(I replaced the word "OSS" with "libre" when quoting you, to avoid
describing our work with the former term.  We disagree with that idea.
See https://gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html.)

Dr Richard Stallman
Chief GNUisance of the GNU Project (https://gnu.org)
Founder, Free Software Foundation (https://fsf.org)
Internet Hall-of-Famer (https://internethalloffame.org)

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