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Re: master 2ab66c9: Replace project-kill-buffers-ignores with project-ki

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: master 2ab66c9: Replace project-kill-buffers-ignores with project-kill-buffer-conditions
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 23:24:52 -0400
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> Of course, but the main problem seems to be to decide which solution to
> pick.  The code (project--kill-buffer-check and project--buffers-to-kill)
> is already close-to generic enough to be easily moved around.

I think instead that the main problem is to make use of that code in
places which currently use another code, and deal with the corresponding
potential incompatibilities.

Once that's done, we can try and figure out where is the best place for
that generic code (if not project.el) and how to make it work for GNU
ELPA packages like project.el.  There are many different acceptable
options there (including keeping a backward-compatibility copy of that
generic code in project.el, or placing it into a separate GNU ELPA
package added as a new dependency, ...).
I think it'll be pretty easy to solve.


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