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Re: Changes for emacs 28

From: Ergus
Subject: Re: Changes for emacs 28
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 16:03:32 +0200

On Mon, Sep 07, 2020 at 01:05:20PM +0000, Gregory Heytings via Emacs 
development discussions. wrote:

The defaults of emacs are really, really bad. And making the whole thing like what you get with DOOM Emacs is going to cost you lots of hours reading documentation and experimenting with your configuration.

That's just wrong. If you want Doom Emacs, you just have to type two commands:

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs ~/.emacs.d

~/.emacs.d/bin/doom install

The first commands takes two seconds to complete, the second one about five minutes (it downloads and compiles about 200 MB of code, fonts, icons, ...). Then you start Emacs, and you're done. That's clearly not "lots of hours".

I think it refers to convert vanilla emacs in a "doomed like"

Any way the doom experience is (in my opinion) like the spacemacs
experience. A signal that

1) There are enough people interested enough in emacs (the community)
and we (as developers) are not interacting enough with them or hearing
their concerns and needs.

2) Part of that community are also so annoyed with the defaults (and
have the needed skills) that they tried to create their own "emacs
distro" like a "GNU/Linux distro".

3) They are reinventing the wheel again and again because we don't
attract some of them on board to contribute part of their code into

The existence of larger sub-communities like spacemacs or doom or forks
like remacs is a bad symptom and a waste of manpower we really need.

My last 2 cents on this.

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