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Gather a list of confusions beginner tend to have

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Gather a list of confusions beginner tend to have
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 13:28:18 -0400

I think everybody would agree on attracting more people to use Emacs—that means 
more blogs and help, more contributor, etc. And people agree that Emacs isn’t 
as beginner-friendly as it could be. The problem is what to improve, and how.

As the first step, we should collect real experiences from real beginners: 
someone starts to use Emacs just recently (e.g., less than one year). Ask 
people around, ask people on the internet. I’ll post on reddit for some input. 
Can I use a title like “Emacs developers wants to know what confuses beginners 
in vanilla Emacs?”

Once we have an idea on what real beginners are complaining about, we can then 
try to improve them.


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