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Re: tab-line-mode improvement

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: tab-line-mode improvement
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 21:56:51 +0300
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> I came up with two improvements on tab-line-mode:
> 1 Suppress-errors...
>   It suppresses errors when tab-line-switch-to-prev-tab or
>   tab-line-switch-to-next-tab is invoked in the window which has no tabs.
> 2 Introduce-a-new-variable... (after #1 patch is applied)
>   It introduces a new variable tab-line-switch-cycling which enables
>   cycling tab switch.

Thanks, both patches are useful additions.

> These patches are attached.
> I sent patches for the first time, any advices, comments, or questions are
> very welcome.

It seems your patches are short enough that you don't need to sign papers
for patches to be accepted.

> +(defcustom tab-line-switch-cycling nil
> +  "Enable `tab-line-switch-to-next-tab',
> +  `tab-line-switch-to-prev-tab' cycling switch. If the value is t,
> +  the cycling switch is enabled. If the value is nil, it is disabled."

The first line of the docstring should be a complete sentence
as described in (info "(elisp) Documentation")

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