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Re: keysee.el (was: Re: Include which-key.el in the Emacs distribution)

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: keysee.el (was: Re: Include which-key.el in the Emacs distribution)
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 15:35:43 -0400

   > Using keysee, while it does provide a slightly better interface it is
   > still confusing me.  I loaded sortie.el and keysee.el, and turned on
   > kc-auto-mode.

   <Snipped description of trying to type keys after prefix keys...>

   Please read the description.  Key See is not Which-Key.

That is sorta the point -- one shouldn't need to read a description to
open a file for a mode that tries to add completion.  The pop up shows
keys that one would think are possible to just input so it is easy to
expect that those will just work.

If I press C-x and go for a coffee in the middle of opening a file, it
also becomes confusing since the behaviour of Emacs will magically

This is specially important when inputting keyboard macros. if you
start a keyboard macro, wait for a bit ... then you're now recording
the input to keysee.  Very confusing, since if you're quick on the
fingers you'll get the expected behaviour but if you pause you get
something totally different.

I tried recording a simple macro, mark the whole buffer, and
upcase-region on it.  

  C-x h                 ;; mark-whole-buffer
  C-x C-u               ;; upcase-region

with kc-auto-mode, it is just very very confundled:

  C-x (
  C-x h
  C-x <wait until popup) C-u
  ;; Nothing happens, so you start typing upcase-region you get
  ;; you amend that using backspace, and retype
  16*DEL upcase-region RET
  C-x )
  ;; Echo line now complains that parenthesis cannot be found and
  ;; inserts a closing paren in the buffer.
  C-x )

The recorded macro is something like:

  C-x h                 ;; mark-whole-buffer
  C-x C-u               ;; upcase-region
  upcase-region         ;; self-insert-command * 13
  16*DEL                ;; delete-backward-char
  upcase-region         ;; self-insert-command * 13
  RET                   ;; newline
  C-x )                 ;; kmacro-end-macro

That isn't exactly what was entered -- yes, I get why it becomes that
-- but consider it from a random user.

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