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Re: Fwd: 13 Test Failures

From: Vin Shelton
Subject: Re: Fwd: 13 Test Failures
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 09:08:19 -0400

Thanks for the patch, Robert!  To confirm: yes, your patch reduced the number of unexpected test results to zero on an in-tree build.

  - Vin

On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 12:17 PM Robert Pluim <rpluim@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, 8 Sep 2020 11:26:07 -0400, Vin Shelton <acs@alumni.princeton.edu> said:

Hi Vin!

    Vin> I am building on an Arch linux platform.  I do not have mailutils
    Vin> installed, nor do I have IPV6.

    Vin> With the latest sources, I see only one failure if I build in the source
    Vin> directory, vs. 11 failures for out-of-tree builds.  I have attached the
    Vin> in-tree and out-of-tree test results.

I guess you have a linux machine that really doesnʼt have an IPv6
stack at all, right? Does this fix it for you?

diff --git a/test/lisp/net/network-stream-tests.el b/test/lisp/net/network-stream-tests.el
index c5d4bba889..1936b6fc5e 100644
--- a/test/lisp/net/network-stream-tests.el
+++ b/test/lisp/net/network-stream-tests.el
@@ -418,7 +498,7 @@ connect-to-tls-ipv6-nowait
           (while (and (eq (process-status proc) 'connect)
                       (< (setq times (1+ times)) 10))
             (sit-for 0.1))
-          (skip-unless (not (eq (process-status proc) 'connect))))
+          (skip-unless (eq (process-status proc) 'open))))
       (if (process-live-p server) (delete-process server)))
     (setq status (gnutls-peer-status proc))
     (should (consp status))

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