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Re: Changes for emacs 28

From: Ergus
Subject: Re: Changes for emacs 28
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 21:12:43 +0200

Hi Drew:

This looks interesting. I will give it a look in a while.

Why you don't add your packages to elpa :( otherwise I/us will never
discover them?

Also, if integration with use-packages finally arrives many elpa
packages could be installed on the fly for the new users. And some of
your improvements seems to be good candidates.

And if you update them, the users will get the improvements immediately.

Is it too much work?

On Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 11:29:41AM -0700, Drew Adams wrote:
Sadly we have <mouse-3> bind to mouse-save-then-kill which I don't find
useful at all, but maybe somebody will complain if we change it to
C-<mouse-3> and move the panel to <mouse-3>.

1. `mouse-save-then-kill' is very useful, IMO.

2. Library `mouse3.el' gives you any behavior you want
  for mouse-3 - in particular, popup context menus of
  any sort.

  AND it gives you the usual `mouse-save-then-kill'

  IOW, you don't have to choose one or the other, you
  can have both: choose what you want on the fly.



This option lets you do whatever you want with a second
mouse-3 click.  And option `mouse3-double-click-command'
does the same thing for a double-click.

| mouse3-second-click-default-command is a variable defined in `mouse3.el'.
| Its value is mouse3-popup-menu
| Command used for a second `mouse-3' click at the same location.
| The command must accept 2 args: mouse click event and prefix arg.
| This is a default value, which can be programmatically overridden in
| various contexts.  This option is used only if variable
| `mouse3-save-then-kill-command' is nil.
| Two particular values:
|  `mouse3-popup-menu': Pop up a menu of actions on the region.
|  `mouse3-kill/delete-region': Kill or delete the region, according to
|                               `mouse-drag-copy-region'.
| See also `mouse3-double-click-command'.  You will probably want to
| customize these two options together.  To make either a no-op, set the
| value to command `ignore'.
| Note that setting `mouse3-double-click-command' to `mouse3-popup-menu'
| and `mouse3-second-click-default-command' to
| `mouse3-kill/delete-region' is not recommended, because in Emacs a
| double-click event is always preceded automatically by the associated
| single-click event.  See `(elisp) Repeat Events'.
| You can customize this variable.

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