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Re: feature/icomplete-vertical

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: feature/icomplete-vertical
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 14:30:26 +0000
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1) Internal functionalities try not to use advises.
2) The branch is not actually more complex, it just generates the formatted 
vertical output form the beginning.
3) It does more or less the same you are doing but with a simpler config:

(icomplete-mode t)
(icomplete-format 'vertical)

4) We add arrow bindings to move
5) Add completion matching faces is also coming.

Okay, I did not mean to disregard what you did, but I did this before it was an internal functionality (based on a code snippet I found somewhere). I doubt the config you indicate would suffice to do what I have (and want), unless there is an option to do "(replace-regexp-in-string "^" (make-string (current-column) ? ) (match-string 2 cnp))". That is, to have the completion candidates presented under the cursor (instead of on the left of the minibuffer).

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