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Re: Interactive guide for new users

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Interactive guide for new users
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 17:04:56 +0300

> Cc: ghe@sdf.org, casouri@gmail.com, emacs-devel@gnu.org
> From: Dmitry Gutov <dgutov@yandex.ru>
> Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 03:01:42 +0300
> I don't see what's so complicated you see about icomplete-mode. If you 
> have problems when trying to use it, perhaps you should ask questions?

It isn't complicated for me, I'm familiar with icomplete-mode for
quite some time.  I think it will be complicated and confusing for
newcomers, especially if they expect a very different style of
completion.  Company is much closer to what they expect, I think.

> To my knowledge, if we want to come close to what those other editors 
> show, our current best bet is icomplete-vertical (or something similar 
> to it) PLUS a packages that moves the minibuffer to either the center or 
> the top of the frame (or makes it seem live the minibuffer has been 
> moved, of course).

Those have an annoying misfeature of causing jumps in the window above
the minibuffer.

Other possibilities exist, but my point is that if we want to offer a
better completion to make it easier for newcomers who expect something
like that, we should work on a completion style that they expect, or
something very similar, and icomplete-mode isn't.

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