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Re: Changing line widths in the Emacs source code

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: Changing line widths in the Emacs source code
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 10:55:30 -0700
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Lars Ingebrigtsen <larsi@gnus.org> writes:

> Yuan Fu <casouri@gmail.com> writes:
>> I work on a small laptop and it can fit two 75-column windows
>> side-by-side, so I’d prefer the columns stay where there are right
>> now. But that’s just yet another person who can’t give up on his
>> habits, so…
> Hey, it's good to get data points on how people use Emacs.  It seems
> like people these days like to keep as many Emacs frames as possible on
> the screen horizontally, which makes sense.  And in that case increasing
> the code width would make that more inconvenient.

I work on a large desktop screen, with two 120 column frames, plus this
email frame, side-by-side.

-- Stephe

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