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From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: NonGNU ELPA
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 23:50:38 -0400

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  > repository system. Would it be sufficient to use git submodules
  > for packages that are in git source control and basic shell
  > scripts for packages distributed through Emacs Wiki?

Here's the general plan.

    The basic idea is to set up a site for distribution of packages.
    It will not host development -- rather, each package will be developed
    somewhere else.  We should have a system to copy the package sources
    automatically from somewhere else.  What exactly it should do
    is one of the questions that needs deciding.

    Sometimes "somewhere else" will be the repo used by the package developers.
    We can do that when the developers are cooperating with us and we
    have confidence in them.

    Sometimes it will be a repo we set up on Savannah.  We will do this
    when (1) the developers cooperate with us and would like us to provide
    a repo to use, (2) the developers don't cooperate with us and we must
    not release their changes without checking them, or (3) we make our
    own changes in the package.  In cases of type (1), we will be able to
    give write access to each package to the developers of that package.

I don't know what git submodules do.  Maybe we could get the job done
using them, but I have the feeling it would be kludgy.

I know what shell scripts are but "basic shell scripts" doesn't
describe a method.  It seems reckless to mirror code from a wiki.

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