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Re: Context menus and mouse-3 [was: Changes for emacs 28]

From: Thibaut Verron
Subject: Re: Context menus and mouse-3 [was: Changes for emacs 28]
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2020 14:36:28 +0200

Le lun. 14 sept. 2020 à 13:37, <tomas@tuxteam.de> a écrit :
> On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 11:03:19AM +0200, Thibaut Verron wrote:
> > Le lun. 14 sept. 2020 à 10:29, <tomas@tuxteam.de> a écrit :
> [...]
> > > [click-and-drag]
> [...]
> > I might have had bad luck or small palms, but I could never get complex tap
> > combos to work reliably with palm detection.
> All was an one-finger operation. No palms involved (I know my limitations
> when challenging the Gods ;-)

Yes, sorry, I was unclear. My trouble is usually to get the palm detection to
correctly detect my palm, and not incorrectly detect my finger(s) -- right-click
is usually emulated by a two-finger tap, to make things more difficult.

> Oh, sorry. No, this was a "generic you". And...

Okay, no problem, I just wanted to be sure. :)

> Rather trying to raise awareness that many of the patterns we take for
> granted are just the result of some training, which might be totally
> different for someone else.
> Of course, one might argue that we all should be trained the same way
> (it happens with other things too, like language (verbal and non-verbal),
> so why not with computers?). Opinions on that might differ. For me this
> is dystopia, especially in the current context, where roughly ten big
> corps dominate that space.

I agree.

There is probably a fair middle to strike there, and a lot has happened already
in that direction. I don't know if it is something which can (let
alone should) be
forced by us or the head-of-UI at big-tech, or rather something which happens
naturally -- very much like a language, as you point out.

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