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Re: Interactive guide for new users

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Interactive guide for new users
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2020 14:17:34 +0000
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To my knowledge, if we want to come close to what those other editors show, our current best bet is icomplete-vertical (or something similar to it) PLUS a packages that moves the minibuffer to either the center or the top of the frame (or makes it seem live the minibuffer has been moved, of course).

Those have an annoying misfeature of causing jumps in the window above the minibuffer.

Other possibilities exist, but my point is that if we want to offer a better completion to make it easier for newcomers who expect something like that, we should work on a completion style that they expect, or something very similar, and icomplete-mode isn't.

I never noticed that misfeature before you mentioned it, and I agree with you that it could surprise newcomers. However, with (setq scroll-conservatively 101), which is one of the suggested options in the proposal, its effect is much more limited, and I believe newcomers would not be surprised anymore.

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