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Re: solarized

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: solarized
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 11:30:00 +1000

On Tue, 15 Sep 2020 at 23:07, Göktuğ Kayaalp <self@gkayaalp.com> wrote:
On 2020-09-15 15:15 +03, Elias Mårtenson <lokedhs@gmail.com> wrote:
> Interesting. For me, who has enough astigmatism to make it completely
> impossible to read anything with dark backgrounds, I find solarised to have
> way too little contrast. The yellow background is much too dark for me.

I too prefer light backgrounds (just switched to modus-operandi and it’s
_great_ btw). Both dark and light Solarized have the ‘art exhibition’
effect for me: trying to read the writing on exhibition / museum walls,
which is almost always thin type in dim white letters over grayish walls
with almost no contrast, I always get headaches 10 minutes in.

İ. Göktuğ Kayaalp / @cadadr / <https://www.gkayaalp.com/>
pgp:   024C 30DD 597D 142B 49AC 40EB 465C D949 B101 2427

This is the challenge WRT accessibility. For me, with very poor vision (legally blind), I find Solarized dark theme to be one of the most accessible themes I've used. I have a real problem with 'light' themes and need themes with a darker background. Unfortunately, I also have problems with some 'pink' or 'purple' colours, which just appear blurred to me. 

The solarised themse are good themes and quite popular and I think they should definitely be added to the default set of themes included in Emacs. Whether either of them should be the default theme is another question, but it would be good to be able to just turn them on if needed.



Tim Cross

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