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Re: Patch for emacs/basic.texi

From: Antoine Kalmbach
Subject: Re: Patch for emacs/basic.texi
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 12:19:48 +0300
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Andreas Schwab <schwab@linux-m68k.org> writes:

>>>> +  On a graphics terminal, the easiest way to invoke @code{undo} is
>>>> +with @kbd{C-/}; that doesn't need the shift key.  On a text terminal,
>>>> +@kbd{C-/} does not exist, but usually you can type @kbd{C-_} without
>>>> +the shift key and it will work anyway.
>>>> +
>>> Does this only make sense with a qwerty keyboard?
>> This advice probably isn't universal, indeed.  E.g. with AZERTY
>> keyboards, one needs to hit shift to get a slash, while no shift key is
>> needed for underscores.  Therefore I always undo with C-_.
> And on a qwertz keyboard neither C-/ nor C-_ work without shift.
> Andreas.

Isn't `C-x u` also a default keybinding? Although it requires two keypresses,
that should work on all keyboard layouts.

Antoine Kalmbach

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