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From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: CUA-theme?
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 09:29:00 -0400
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Would it make sense to define a new custom-theme (or minor-mode until
custom-theme can handle that) which makes Emacs's behavior match the
"standard" in most other applications?

Maybe it would make sense to do it under the constraints of avoiding all
changes which are "brittle" by nature (like the C-c and C-x remapping
in `cua-mode`).  So the goal would be to have a config that would be
just as "good" (no rough corners) as the default while minimizing the
surprises for a user that's familiar with many other editors
and applications (and without having to worry about alienating
old-timers like yours truly).

This wouldn't come with a specific color theme, since it's an orthogonal
problem, but I guess it could affect some faces if there's a "standard"
for some kind of color information which we're not following (I'm
thinking for example of the colors used for diff-mode, which we changed
to make them more "standard", so I suppose there could be other similar


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