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Re: Build failure in gettimeofday

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Build failure in gettimeofday
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:14:15 +0200

> Anyway, it sounds like you don't have GMP installed?


> In that case,
> running configure is supposed to create lib/gmp.h, and the above
> inclusion in bignum.h is supposed to find it.  It works for me on a
> system where there's no libgmp.  Do you have lib/gmp.h?  If you do,
> then perhaps this is a compiler bug: it should be able to find that
> file, because the compiler switches include "-I../lib".
> If you don't have lib/gmp.h, then your tree is mis-configured somehow.

I didn't have it and according to its log, configure was aware of that.
For some reason, it didn't create lib/gmp.h though.  Removing the build
directory entirely and reconfiguring solved the problem.

> That's the usual noise with GCC 4.x when compiling mini-gmp.  I
> reported this as a bug, but no one wants to fix it, so I guess us
> providing mini-gmp is just a lip service, and you are advised to
> install libgmp if you are annoyed enough by these warnings.

They don't annoy me much (IIRC compiling with gcc 10 created many more
warnings).  What annoys me most are those spontaneous switches to an
American keyboard layout.  Do you have any idea what could cause them?
I've never seen them before on any system I used to work on.  Is there a
way to revert them from within Emacs?  Presently, I have to save my
state somehow, leave Emacs and restart it which is not a workable


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