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Re: A proposal for a friendlier Emacs

From: Thibaut Verron
Subject: Re: A proposal for a friendlier Emacs
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 15:28:17 +0200

Le jeu. 17 sept. 2020 à 14:42, Nicholas Savage <nick@nicksavage.ca> a écrit :
> I like the idea of a configuration wizard, but I agree that I wouldn't want 
> to have to deal with it when logging into a new machine or using emacs -Q.
> What if the installer created a file somewhere in Emacs etc folder, such as 
> `trigger_conf_wizard'. Then, Emacs checks if that file exists or not. If it 
> does exist, run the configuration wizard and subsequently delete the file. If 
> it doesn't exist, skip the wizard. This way too if you're fooling around with 
> your .emacs, or testing the vanilla configuration, you won't have to worry 
> about the wizard or figuring out the switch for it.

How would it work in a multi-users setting?

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