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Re: Patch for emacs/basic.texi

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: Patch for emacs/basic.texi
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 08:35:53 +0200

  > > +  On a graphics terminal, the easiest way to invoke @code{undo} is
  > > +with @kbd{C-/}; that doesn't need the shift key.  On a text terminal,
  > > +@kbd{C-/} does not exist, but usually you can type @kbd{C-_} without
  > > +the shift key and it will work anyway.
  > > +

  > Does this only make sense with a qwerty keyboard?

I don't think the keyboard _layout_ makes a difference.  An ASCII-only Dvorak
keyboard would presumably support the same control characters.

On a Swedish keyboard layout, none of the default bindings for undo is as convenient as they are when using an English keyboard QWERTY layout. Regardless of which of the bindings I want to use, I will need to press the Shift key as well as the Control key, or I have to use the "longest" of the bindings (C-x u). Same goes for some other bindings that are very convenient on an English keyboard layout, for example M-/ (dabbrev-expand, requires the Shift key on a Swedish layout, since they placed / on the same key as 7 on the number row).

Is this a big problem? Not very. I could rebind these commands if I wanted to, to something that is convenient to me. And I *can* type the default bindings as well, both in GUI and terminal Emacs.

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