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Typo in project-kill-buffers

From: Manuel Uberti
Subject: Typo in project-kill-buffers
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 19:16:35 +0200
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Hello everyone,

since this is a little typo and not a proper bug, I am just reporting it here:

(defun project-kill-buffers (&optional no-confirm)
  "Kill the buffers belonging to the current project.
Two buffers belong to the same project if their project
instances, as reported by `project-current' in each buffer, are
identical.  Only the buffers that match a condition in
`project-kill-buffer-conditions' will be killed.  If NO-CONFIRM
is non-nil, the command will not ask the user for confirmation.
NO-CONFIRM is always nil when the command is invoked
  (let* ((pr (project-current t))
         (bufs (project--buffers-to-kill pr)))
    (cond (no-confirm
           (mapc #'kill-buffer bufs))
          ((null bufs)
           (message "No buffers to kill"))
          ((yes-or-no-p (format "Kill %d buffers in %s? "
                                (length bufs)
                                (project-root pr)))
           (mapc #'kill-buffer bufs)))))

In the docstring, "interactivly" should be "interactively".

All the best.

Manuel Uberti

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