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Re: feature/icomplete-vertical

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: feature/icomplete-vertical
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 12:15:00 -0400
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>>>> That can (and should) be fixed without having to reduce the number of
>>>> candidates inserted in the (mini)buffer.
>>> It will be great if you give me an idea about how to do that.
>> You need to figure out why the redisplay decides to hide the prompt rather
>> than some other part of the (mini)buffer.
>> Usually, the deciding factor is the position of `point` (the redisplay
>> tries hard to always keep `point` visible).
> In this case it is not, apparently at least.  As you can see with the (setq
> max-mini-window-height 1) M-x a example, the typical effect is to put the
> point at the first position of the window (top left), thereby hiding what
> precedes (the prompt and the characters typed so far).

Yes, hence the question is "why".  I suspect it has to do with the way
we insert the extra text and by teaking it we may work around
this problem.

We could/should also consider this as a problem in the redisplay, so
maybe you should file a bug report for it.

In any case, your example shows that it's not a new problem introduced
by icomplete-vertical, so fixing it should likely be orthogonal to the
addition of icomplete-vertical.


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