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Re: How to make Emacs popular again.

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: How to make Emacs popular again.
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 15:22:52 +0000
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Well, that doesn't quite do what I suggest. It only finds the symbol in the Emacs manual (AFAICS it does not search in the Elisp manual), and what you find when you do this on a command is something that much resembles what you find in the docstring, so it doesn't look like useful information, it looks redundant. As I said, I think entering the chapter would be much more useful, as it would give the user the feeling that there is more information there.

It puts you in info, where it is obvious there is more information: at the top of the buffer it says:

Up: Deletion and Killing

so finding out more is easy.

I do not agree with your "obvious". It is true that there is a "Up" link at the top of the buffer, but it's not what you immediately see. Moreover, when you click on it you do not see the chapter title, you find a "Menu" with section titles.

Remember that I was answering Richard's question: "Can you suggest a way to make [finding the manuals] easier for others in the future?"

Two visible links in the docstring of, say, kill-buffer, to the relevant chapters of both the Emacs and Elisp manual, are easier to use than typing C-h S u M-<, followed by d m Elisp RET i kill-buffer RET u M-<. Even IMO for an experienced user.

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