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Re: Integration of dictionary package

From: Philip K.
Subject: Re: Integration of dictionary package
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 19:33:16 +0200
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Torsten Hilbrich <emacs.nolkaf@hilbrich.tk> writes:

> Hello,
> by suggestion of Jean Louis I have started integrating the dictionary
> package (found on https://github.com/myrkr/dictionary-el/).
> The work can be found on the feature/integration-of-dictionary-el branch.
> It contains the following commits:
> b6227446d9 Importing dictionary module
> 658ec3ccee Renamed connection.el
> e2ebffdd62 Renamed link.el

I was reading and rewriting parts of dictionary.el, and was wondering if
connection.el and link.el should be kept if the package were to be
merged into the core. Connection.el seems to just be a wrapper around
the regular networking operations, and link.el should be replaceable by
the button mechanism, shouldn't it?

> 723906c444 Removed some compability parts in dictionary
> I plan to integrate some future changes:
> - support for dictionary-search to have the highlighted region as
> default

How will this be handled? If I select more than one word, will every
word be queried?

> - support for initially looking up on localhost and the switching to
> dict.org

Will this be enabled by default? And in case there is no local server,
will this slow operations down, or do you plan on caching the connected

> Thanks for reviewing,
>       Torsten

        Philip K.

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