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Re: Friendlier dired experience [CODE INCLUDED]

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Friendlier dired experience [CODE INCLUDED]
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2020 11:10:24 +0300
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* Boruch Baum <boruch_baum@gmx.com> [2020-11-04 00:13]:
> > Video is here:
> > https://gnu.support/images/tmp/2020-11-03-21:57:51.ogv
> I've downloaded an played the video several times at slow speed, but
> can't figure out what keys you're pressing and what is going on.

I could not do anything, C-g, C-x k, nothing. So I just closed
XTerm. I did not recover in XTerm, I went to X frame of Emacs.

> 4] I'm not familiar with EXWM. Is that the starting point of the
> video?

No, I did not use Emacs X Window Manager that time.

> I didn't see that in your video. Your video shows a buffer labeled
> *scratch* in a frame labeled F6.

Yes, it looks like something happened that dired output was inserted
into *scratch*

> > getfacl - I do not have as command on my system Hyperbola
> > GNU/Linux-libre and I do not know what it is, so I cannot use "get
> > more file info"
> You can change the list for metadata commands available on your system
> (it's a defcustom: diredc-show-more-file-info-list). Let me know details
> and I can figure out how to include them. What do you get when you
> perform "M-: system-type"?


> Yes. The differences include the persistence of the bookmark over emacs
> sessions and the ability to use the defcustom interface to manage the
> bookmark list.

But bookmarks anyway persist. I think I am asked to save it.

> It uses the default as set in defcustom variable
> `diredc-shell-default'.

While this may appear fine to many, and may not work on other OS-es, I
do expect that my preferred shell in /etc/passwd is read by whatever
other terminals and Emacs as well if I do not put any special
customization. This way I get:

- that I have chosen preferred shell in /etc/passwd or by using chsh

- that Emacs chooses eventually other shell in its terminals or M-x

- that new packages chooses other shell

Maybe preferred shell is "first shell" but I consider /etc/passwd some
basic information about user as it is readable by programs. It should
be used.

> > C-x o - when switching from window to window is currently confusing me
> You didn't read any of the documentation, did you? The navigation
> between buffers is using <TAB>. That said, C-x o should work fine. I
> can't reproduce a problem with it. Please send more details.

I was reading documentation and went through it. Some keys I have
tried myself like C-x o.

> > diredc-mode - disabled in all buffers, but colors remain and is not
> > really disabled, it comes back.
> Then you probably didn't turn it off or exit it. I would need some more
> details in order to reproduce your scenario.

I am very fast in Dired and handling thousands of files, like today
maybe 5500 files for websites. The one good function in diredc is
opening of shell in the window. So I will try to duplicate it on my
side. Beside that I will not need the package.

I see you get surprised when I tell you how it comes up on my side. I
know Midnight Commander and I have used it and still using it from
time to time. Diredc did not give me feeling of mc.

> > normal dired does not work after diredc, error: let*: Wrong type
> > argument: consp,
> > "/home/data1/protected/Programming/emacs-lisp/others/"
> Again, without details I don't know where to start. In this case, can
> you provide a backtrace?

I choose to skip for now, maybe in some weeks I will try again if that
package get updates.

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