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Proposal for an emacs-humanities mailing list

From: Paul W. Rankin
Subject: Proposal for an emacs-humanities mailing list
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 16:57:24 +1000
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During EmacsConf 2020 it became clear that there is a sizeable number of people who use Emacs outside of a programming context, specifically in the Humanities, and there was support for a mailing list dedicated to this group.

The benefit of such a list would allow those using Emacs within the Humanities a way to become more directly involved with the project without committing to the emacs-devel or help-gnu-emacs lists, which are much more programming-focused than the average Humanities user may be comfortable with or interested in.

I would be happy to administer this list, and could surely bring on others of a similar background and interest. (I'm a member of the Savannah Emacs group.)

Proposed address:

Proposed description:
This list is for general discussion and help for using GNU Emacs in the Humanities. Participants are assumed to be non-programmers and respected as such.


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