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Re: Emacs Survey: Toolbars

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs Survey: Toolbars
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 23:26:46 -0500

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  > > Shitty data obtained without care, attention, and skill is useless data. 
  > > Forget the weighting!
  > >

  > As the saying goes: "Criticism is easy, and art is difficult."  Could you 
  > please create and conduct a "good" survey, according to your criteria of 
  > "good"?  Or at least enlighten us, poor mortals, and explain what should 
  > have been done, and how?

Please, everyone, let's discuss this without getting angry at each other.
That is very important!  We have to _work together_ to use the answers.

The survey does not have a reprepresentative sample, but that doesn't
mean it is useless.  I wouldn't attach significance to its precise
numbers, but even the rough quantities have something to teach us.

For instance, we know that lots of users don't want the toolbars,
but a substantial fraction do not turn them off.

If we want more precise figures, I've suggested how to get them.
But I contend that we can come up with approaches that will
to a good job for the various kinds of users we know exist,
without needing to know the precise size of each kind.
We need to be clever and try lots of options.

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