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Proposal for emacs-emba mailing list

From: Toon Claes
Subject: Proposal for emacs-emba mailing list
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2020 16:11:51 +0100

Recently more people have shown their interest in using CI and build
automation for GNU Emacs. Currently we have a thread going on about it
with the people in Cc. But those mails are sent off-list.

I'd like to have a mailing list to have a track record of these
emails. We could do this on emacs-devel itself, but I'm not sure that's
the right place (who am I to judge?). Another option could be to discuss
on emacs-buildstatus, but that feels like an even worse idea.

Some time ago, when emba.gnu.org was initially set up, we decided to
postpone creating a mailing list for it, because there were only 2
people involved. I think we've come to the point were a mailing list
would be beneficial.

We could use emacs-emba, although it might be too focused to
emba.gnu.org only, while the scope might be broader. Maybe a name like
emacs-build-automation or so would be better. But I'm open to


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