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Re: [PATCH] Interpret #r"..." as a raw string

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Interpret #r"..." as a raw string
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 11:02:50 -0500
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>> If you don't see the cons, then indeed the tradeoff is clear ;-)
> I've given a list of my use cases and I genuinely don't see cons,
> assuming it gets properly implemented. I'm sorry if you listed them
> earlier I must have skipped over.

The cons are the extra complexity in the language, reflected by extra
code in lread.c, extra code in elisp-mode.el, extra text in the lispref,
which will probably be followed by bug reports about some cases where
using a raw string literal doesn't work as it should (for code that's
analyzed at the text level rather than the sexp level, I'm thinking
here of code that does things like `grep '(foo "' ...`.  I can't think
offhand of such things, but I wouldn't be completely surprised if it
shows up maybe when we collect docstrings for the etc/DOC file, I also
suspect changes will be needed in edebug.el, possibly in pp.el, ...).


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