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From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: subtitler
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2021 16:33:33 -0300
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(please keep me copied explicitly in responses)

I was looking for something to turn a transcript into time-synced
subtitles in Emacs the other day, couldn't find anything, and came up
with this.  It's works well enough for me, but I'm sure it would need
some more polish to work for a wider user base, and I'm hardly fluent as
an elisp coder, so...  would anyone like to turn this into a proper
module or package?  (or point me at something else I missed that does
the job in a much better way ;-)

I have a copyright assignment on file, so in case you integrate it with
GNU Emacs, please change my copyright notice to "Contributed by", and
make it copyright FSF.


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Alexandre Oliva, happy hacker  https://FSFLA.org/blogs/lxo/
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