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Simple isearch concerns

From: Ergus
Subject: Simple isearch concerns
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2021 02:15:39 +0200


After some time I returned to isearch and I am concerned about some
details and I am not sure if they are issues or design choices. IMHO
they look more like issues giving limited experience to the users; but
probably I am wrong ...

1) Are there any option to move the cursor to the start of the candidate
after the search? I see that there is an isearch-other-end. But it is
not a custom but an internal variable. Now I am using a hook but it
seems a bit hacky.

2) I want to disable wrapping and I see that there is an
`isearch-wrap-function` but it is a variable not a custom and it is not
documented in detail what is expected to be there.

3) In general many of the customizable variables in isearch are defined
with defvar so it is difficult to distinguish between internal and user
exposed ones. Just to mention some examples:
isearch-push-state-function, isearch-filter-predicate, the hooks,

I am wondering if one of the main maintainers is planning to do some
refactor and cleanup to the isearch code because it looks like it is
using some old things and the code has evolved into a sort of labyrinth
(for example it is not using the minor-mode functions, but manually
implementing a similar behavior), there are many useless conditions that
could be replaced with substitutions, redundant variables and so on...

Are there any WIP related?

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