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Re: [GNU ELPA] New package proposal: aggressive-completion.el

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [GNU ELPA] New package proposal: aggressive-completion.el
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2021 12:49:10 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/2.0.6 (2021-03-06)

* Tassilo Horn <tsdh@gnu.org> [2021-04-03 11:19]:
>   1) automatically completes for you after a short delay, and it
>   2) always shows the completion help (unless there are too many).


I like the idea as it improves standard completion but does not

What I would find very useful is to avoid writing * as wildcard symbol to
find possible completions. My candidates are like 20847 items or more
sometimes. Reason why I use ivy or helm is to avoid using wildcard. But
most of times I use standard completion with the wildcard. Here is
example, shorter list of candidates:

Articles & Stories :: It Might Help [9783]
Cards :: Help Sell War Bonds [12098]
Email :: Write to help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org mailing list [587]
Free Software :: Saying No to unjust computing even once is help [35654]
Knots :: 7 Great Idea With Rope That Will Help You A Lot [208]
Literature Reviews :: Helpful Hints for Amateurs [15027]
MELPA Notes :: <2020-10-23 Fr 14:13> DENOUNCE PROPRIETARY NON-FREE 
swift-helpful [35021]
Miscellaneous & Utilities :: Helpful Hints [17069]
Patter :: Helpful Advice on Patter [19062]
Poetry :: How The "Sphinx" Helps [19279]
Purposes :: Continually help Clients reach goals and purposes [35692]
WWW Bookmarks :: http://helpers.hu/investment [31872]
WWW Bookmarks :: http://www.foresoft.com/onlinehelp/cds/CDS9_1.htm [32830]

In that list I wish to pin-point ID 587, so I write:


Your package allows me to write just *help*em to get completion. I
find it useful, as I spare the TABs. Though I do not know yet if it
makes completion slower, maybe.

What I would find more useful is if completion works without wildcard,
so that space is ignored.

Then I could write:

"help emacs" and I would get the completion.

Do you think that space can be made to be ignored, if not by default,
then at least as user option?

Additionally, it would be great if terms searched could be found in
reverse order without loading external packages.

Then I could write: "emacs help" and get the completion.

Thus 2 things would improve, IMHO, this package:

1. to ignore space when completing, as that is what ivy, helm do, at
   least as user option, if not by default

2. to find candidates by any order of terms queried, at least as user
   option, if not by default


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