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Re: [elpa] externals/vertico 5bbddb0 03/48: add while-no-input-ignore-ev

From: Daniel Mendler
Subject: Re: [elpa] externals/vertico 5bbddb0 03/48: add while-no-input-ignore-events
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 20:02:24 +0200
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I don't understand why you do that.
Was the intention to add `selection-request` to `while-no-input-ignore-events`,
or to remove everything else from it (which is what it does)?
If so, why?

Icomplete does the same, but I am not sure about all the implications of this setting. The setting is supposed to ignore certain spurious events which would prevent the UI from updating.

Generally the idea is that the expensive candidate recomputation and expensive sorting (vertico--recompute-candidates) is interruptible, such that the UI stays responsive. The computation is started again when the next event comes in.

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