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Re: [PATCH] Fix M-x gdb when debugging over Tramp

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix M-x gdb when debugging over Tramp
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 14:58:21 +0200
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Jim Porter <jporterbugs@gmail.com> writes:

Hi Jim,

> Here's a pair of patches (one against the latest git revision, and one
> against the emacs-27 branch) to fix debugging via M-x gdb over Tramp.
> There were two problems:
> 1) In `gdb-jsonify-buffer', when replacing the "fullname" with a Tramp
> path, the wildcard was greedy, resulting in only one "fullname" being
> replaced. This had the effect of rendering it impossible to have more
> than one breakpoint, as all but the first breakpoint would have
> unmodified "fullname"s. This fix isn't needed for Emacs 28, since
> `gdb-jsonify-buffer' was replaced with a more-accurate parser for
> 2) In `gdb-frame-handler', `gdb-selected-file' needs to be the *local*
> file path, since that's what `gud-last-frame' expects. Without this,
> the overlay arrow for the current line in the source buffer won't
> show.

>From my POV these patches look OK, but I'm a very occasional gdb
user. It would be great if somebody else could verify.

I have also the impression that this is related to bug#39408, bug#28392
and bug#44151. Perhaps this could be checked, and in case of yes, I
would much appreciate if we could solve all of these bugs.

> I've been running with these patches for a few months locally and
> haven't found any further issues. Note that I haven't filled out
> copyright assignment papers, but these patches are very small, so my
> understanding is that's not necessary. If you'd like me to fill them
> out, just let me know.

Assign request sent. Jim has proposed a further patch on the Tramp ML.

> - Jim

Best regards, Michael.

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