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Re: Using more and/or better icons in Emacs

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: Using more and/or better icons in Emacs
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 19:55:52 -0500

Alan Third <alan@idiocy.org> writes:

> BTW, looking at those icons all you should have to do is set the width
> and height to "1em". I had to insert the viewBox on the other ones
> because they didn't have one to begin with, just the width and height.

[Please see my other email about how to insert these into a buffer.]

> We'd also probably want to remove most of the colour information (or
> replace it with 'currentColor'). At least for simple two colour
> images.

Hmm, if we are going to use these we should probably write a script to
import them for our use.  It might be nice to do it in ELisp, or we
could use a Python or Shell script or something.

Do we have any ELisp code to manipulate SVG image files?

Otherwise, we could perhaps get away with some hacky regexps for this
(to avoid having to do a proper job with XML, which is rarely fun IME).

I welcome any opinions on how to go about doing this without
overly compromising my sanity.

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