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Re: Simple isearch concerns

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Simple isearch concerns
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 01:05:35 +0300
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>> I get much better scrolling experience with these properties:
>> (put 'scroll-up-command 'isearch-motion
>>      '((lambda () (goto-char (window-end)) (recenter 1 t)) . forward))
>> (put 'scroll-down-command 'isearch-motion
>>      '((lambda () (goto-char (window-start)) (recenter -1 t)) . backward))
>> so only new unseen matches are highlighted.
> That's your personal preference wrt how much of the context should be
> left on the screen; it is well known that there are other preferences
> regarding this aspect.  Gregory's code provides the default Emacs
> experience of recentering, so it is the right default.  If we want to
> cater to other preferences, we need to make the 1st argument to
> recenter depend on scroll-related options, or maybe introduce a new
> user option.

In 'emacs -Q' typing 'C-v' (scroll-up-command) in a buffer shows the next
complete screen, only 2 lines from the previous screen are shown at the
top of the next screen.

I'm surprised that 'C-v' in your configuration scrolls only by half screen.

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