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Re: updating async on elpa

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: updating async on elpa
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 16:21:33 -0400
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>>>> <user>@git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs/elpa.git ?
>>> So no, it is not this,
>> Yes it it, but this only specifies the repository, not the branch.
> Hmm, I understand nothing how the elpa is structured, too complicated for me.

When you push a branch you need to tell to which branch in the remote
repository you're pushing.  The syntax is:

    git push <repository> <localbranch>:<remotebranch>

so if you're pushing from your local `elpa` branch to elpa.git's
`externals/async` branch, then you need to do:

    git push elpa elpa:externals/async

I suspect the problem is that you used a shorthand which works well when
the remote branch has the same name as a the local branch but can't be
used here.

I'm not sure how much simpler we could make it.  E.g. if we used
a separate repository per package, then presumably your `elpa` remote
would point to something like git.sv.gnu.org:emacs/elpa/async.git
and you'd need to push to the `main` branch in that repository, which
would still bring the same problem since the name `main` is still
different from the name `elpa` you used for your local branch.

>> In any case, if you push to John's `emacs-async` on Github, I can then
>> bring it into elpa.git with a simple `make sync/async`.
> Done, the branch to merge on elpa is the elpa branch, not master.

Any chance the two branches can be "unified"?
AFAICT the difference are:

- The `Package-Requires:` where `master` says ((emacs "24.3")), whereas
  `elpa` says ((cl-lib "0.5") (nadvice "0.3")).  Not sure why they need
  to be different: we can "merge" them to ((emacs "24.3") (nadvice "0.3")),
  since cl-lib in included in Emacs-24.3 (OTOH nadvice appeared with
  Emacs-24.4, so I think requiring only Emacs-24.3 is not quite sufficient).

- The `async-pkg.el` which is absent on `elpa` and present on `master`.
  Do we actually need it on `master`?


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