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Re: Proposing changes to adjust_frame_size

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Proposing changes to adjust_frame_size
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 14:10:32 +0200

>> This would include commit 483c5e953c12a95382bef4a3b6769a680c32fe86 in
>> addition to e9baa733b8cac00e008cb834abc8712c8c00beed but no other
>> ones.
>>> If you want, I can bisect when I find some time, maybe this evening.
>> Try to revert just these two commits first.
> I did so, and indeed, the issue vanishes.

OK.  So I conclude that the problem is due to
483c5e953c12a95382bef4a3b6769a680c32fe86.  So with a now up-to-date
master in xterm.c please remove the two occurrences of

#if defined USE_GTK && defined HAVE_GTK3
              /* If GTK3 wants to impose some old size here (Bug#24526),
                 tell it that the current size is what we want.  */
                (f, FRAME_PIXEL_WIDTH (f), FRAME_PIXEL_HEIGHT (f));

and tell me whether the problem persists.

Thanks, martin

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