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Re: long-standing GTK bug

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: long-standing GTK bug
Date: Mon, 10 May 2021 10:40:20 -0400
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Óscar Fuentes [2021-05-10 16:13:43] wrote:
> Adam Sjøgren <asjo@koldfront.dk> writes:
>> Robert writes:
>>> I think weʼre testing different things. Iʼm doing:
>>> 1. On A: start emacs, run a server
>>> 2. On B: ssh -X A, emacsclient -c
>>> 3. On B: kill the ssh process
>>> 4. Emacs crashes
>> Yes, indeed we are. I am diverging:
>>  3. On B: close the emacsclient frame
>>  4. On B: exit ssh
>>  5. Emacs survives.
>> Without the patch, after (my) step 4 the prompt isn't returned until you
>> press ^C in the shell, and when you do press ^C, Emacs crashes.
> IIUC your patch solves the problem when the network connection is
> reliable, but Emacs still crashes if there is an abrupt disconnection.

IIUC the difference (with the patch) is between stopping ssh via `C-c` or
via `kill`.  I wonder why this matters, and I think it's not at all
obvious if an "abrupt" network disconnection would be more like `C-c` or
more like `kill`.


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