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"[Video links:]" blocks

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: "[Video links:]" blocks
Date: Thu, 13 May 2021 00:06:46 -0300

Hi list,

I've been experimenting with ways to use links to positions in videos
for some years, and I think that I finally found a syntax that is good
enough. Now the sandboxed tutorials of eev have lots of blocks like
this one:

[Video links:]
  (find-eevnavvideo "10:36" "if I type <f8> six times here")
  (find-eevnavvideo "10:50" "a shell running inside Emacs")
  (find-eev2019video "15:11" "Demo: the eepitch block (in red star lines)")
  (find-eev2019video "15:48" "Demo: eepitch on non-red star lines")
  (find-eev2019video "15:56" "Demo: eepitch in action")
  (find-eevtestblsvideo "2:33" "if I run f8 here I start a new Lua interpreter")

and they are htmlized in a nice way - see:


Also, I've made a video about this, at:


I've tried to make everything as friendly as possible to people with
very short attention spans.

I think that some of these ideas can be ported to Org and Hyperbole.
I am not the right person to implement them, but if anyone would like
to chat about the details of the current implementation - that are
quite simple - or, more important, about what I felt that was ugly in
my other (20?) implementations of video links, please get in touch!

    Eduardo Ochs
    edrx at Freenode

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