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Re: [PATCH] (icomplete-vertical-mode): Add support for affixations and,

From: Daniel Mendler
Subject: Re: [PATCH] (icomplete-vertical-mode): Add support for affixations and, annotations
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 13:27:41 +0200

On 6/1/21 11:56 AM, João Távora wrote:
>> From my side the changes in your icomplete-vertical-mode-improvements
>> branch are fine.
> I didn't get a terrible amount of feedback, but I spent the week testing
> that branch, making small adjustments, and verifying that the default
> Icomplete and Fido behaviour are unchanged.  So I've now pushed the
> icomplete-vertical-mode rework to master.  I quite like it, to be
> honest.  I also added little filtered/total indicator idea found in
> Vertico and many other completers.
> Here's a gif showing how to use it with Fido, my preferred option.  To
> try it out, just M-x fido-mode and M-x fido-vertical-mode together.

Thanks! I just gave it another try. It looks good and feels similar to
my Vertico. It works also well with Marginalia.

* I observed an issue with the last candidate with `icomplete-scroll=t`
- The candidate is one line off the minibuffer screen.

* Is it possible to disable the index/count indicator? In Vertico I use
`vertico-count-format` for that, if nil, the indicator is disabled.

* Do you plan to add more scroll commands, scroll forward/backward by
one page as Vertico has it? See
https://github.com/minad/vertico#key-bindings for the Vertico keybindings.

* Do you plan to support the `group-function`?


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